Former Huskies hockey player Cody Smuk dies after battling cancer

Smuk was planning a wedding and a life with fiancée Stephanie Vause

Cody Smuk battled cancer for more than a year with fiancée Stephanie Vause by his side.

Cody Smuk battled cancer for more than a year with fiancée Stephanie Vause by his side. (Rachel Bergen/CBC News)

Former University of Saskatchewan Huskies hockey player Cody Smuk died Thursday after a year-long battle with testicular and lung cancer.

The 26-year-old was diagnosed with testicular cancer in May 2014, and was found to have a rare form of cancer on his lung in December.

During his life, Smuk was a talented hockey player and was loved by many, including his fiancée Stephanie Vause.

Dreams for the future

Cancer dream wedding

Stephanie Vause and Cody Smuk won a dream wedding package in February, but were never able to have the wedding. (RSVP Event Design)

Vause and Smuk got engaged in December 2014. Together they won a dream wedding giveaway through Saskatoon’s RSVP Event Design valued at more than $28,000. The couple imagined a happy life together.

In February, Vause and Smuk told CBC News they weren’t dedicating time or energy to planning the wedding yet because they wanted to focus on fighting Smuk’s cancer.

“We fight it together, and that’s how you’ve got to do it. You’ve got to be together,” Smuk said.

And fight, they did. Vause established a GoFundMe account at the beginning of Smuk’s struggle with cancer. By the end, they raised more than $115,000 to cover cancer treatments in Germany and living expenses, as Smuk was too sick to work.

Smuk insisted that half of the donations be given to a cancer research charity.

The couple never got to have their dream wedding, though. Nor did they make it to Croatia, where they had originally planned to get engaged. They had decided to go there for their honeymoon.

A memorial service will be held on June 30 at Elim Church in Saskatoon.

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